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Investment Business
Strategy Private Equity Fund

BSMC will directly invest the capital into the target companies that are already on the middle stage as well as identifying the most effective and efficient resources, networks, distributions and strategic plan to work with the portfolio companies to satisfy what they need on the Marketing/Sales, RD/Product development, financial/organization restructure to their business expansion.

Venture Technology

BSMC provides capital to high-growth companies that bring new technologies to market. We focus on companies with committed management teams capable of building significant enterprises. Our typical investments in technology companies are significantly smaller than our private equity investments in more established enterprises.

Expansion/Growth Investment

Our flexibility and partnership approach make us an ideal investor for private or public companies seeking additional capital to fund further growth, either through acquisition or expansion. Typically, such companies have a proven track record, an experienced management team, and attractive growth prospects.


BSMC provides capital to facilitate the recapitalization or refinancing of attractive companies facing short-term challenges. Sometimes companies prefer to negotiate a direct investment with as a discreet, rapid, and less complicated alternative to a public sale of equity or debt. Investment proceeds can provide liquidity to shareholders and/or capital for growth.

Private Closely Held Companies

Working in partnership with experienced and successful owners, we provide capital for expansion through internal growth and acquisitions. We understand the unique interests of family owners and their desire to remain independent as they continue to manage and build their companies. We provide capital and establish balanced governance in a true partnership approach.