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Financial Services

BSMC submits professional and strategic advisory services to the enterprises who have a need for their business development on the different sectors and stages.


BSMC advises clients globally on a wide range of strategic transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, asset purchases and dispositions, restructurings and reorganizations. The M&A business is a critical component underpinning the firm's global integrated model and leading financing franchise. A leader in cross-border M&A, spin-offs, minority squeeze-out advisory and special committee assignments.

Leveraged Buyouts/ Management Buyouts

Our experience as well as top financial companies worldwide make us ideally suited to pursue complex LBO transactions, combining extensive due diligence, financing, and structuring dynamics in the execution phase and careful support and monitoring focus thereafter.


We believe in, and are supportive of, new ideas and well-executed entrepreneurial plans. Some of our most successful investments have been made in proprietary situations where we have identified and created unique investment opportunities alongside talented management teams and/or strategic corporate partners. We can invest a significant amount of capital and provide strategic guidance to aggressively develop build-up situations.