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Company Introduction

The incredible innovations of technologies such on the Internet, AI, IOT and New Materials in 21 century have completely subverted the previous and usual landscapes and structures on industrial production and business environments as well as human consumer behaviors and communications. We are seriously facing the severe challenges and impacts from the Fourth Times Industrial Revolution. Those of the structural transformations happened in the Industrial environments and human lives that do cause the huge re-distributions and re-allocations resources toward the global economy and financial markets worldwide. The linkages and reliance regards the financial products and services with the fields of R&D, manufacturing, marketing distributions and business operations are also facing the new challenges and restructuring models than before. Certainly, many innovative and creative financial products and services are being efficiently and effectively used in the markets that will strongly support what the necessary bullets to the companies for their business development needs, which absolutely makes both reliance tighter and deeper than before.

Recently, the incredible acceleration of developments on Semiconductor and Display industries create and lead up many new chemical materials businesses into the market. These new technologies and materials absolutely and entirely subvert the general cognition toward the electrical products such TV, Mobile Phone and Auto Equipment to all of normal users. Semiconductor and Display industries have officially gotten into a new era whether on their supple-chains and manufacturing as well as their new materials development. To continue to invest on the new materials research and development would be the most important and critical crux to the successful developments and growth of Semi and Display further.

As we known, the new innovations of technologies such as AI and Internet also boosted human civilization into the NEW Era. Human beings are alive longer that benefited from the rapid developments of the fields on Biological, Medical, Life Science, Pharmaceutical and AI-Medical, therefore, the consequences of aging society structure becomes an imminent social issue. Meanwhile, how to keep the sciences innovations on such medicare, pharmaceutical and immunity system going and effectively leveraging and connecting with the outcomes of new technologies have been the critical issues to enhance the qualities of people lives. It would be the most important key of success to reach the objects above that is to integrate various characters of resources and networks together through a professional and global platform such as BSMC. development.

Position / Opportunities

Recently, there are many new innovated technologies have already merged the global market as one rapidly. The old regional economy business model has been overhauled. The forming of global supply chain, market integration and globalization of financial resources speeds up the growth of the Asian emergent markets especially in China. Certainly, China has been a leader of Asian economic market as well as the top 2 economic territory in the world. The asset market scale of China was 255 billions USD in 2012 which has rapidly increased to about 7200 billions in 2019. To achieve the sustained innovations on medical sciences, AI technologies, new materials and Industry 4.0 by leveraging and cooperating through a professional strategy/financial platform as BSC/BSMC that owns various resources and networks with industrial, financial and governmental fields is the very critical and important tactic consideration to any business institutions would like to approach into the Asian market, especially to China.

Meanwhile, Bright Spot Capital/ Bright Spot Management Consultants Corp. (BSMC) is able to provide whether effective resources and professional know-hows to the companies which would like to approach into the China market as well as the regions of “One Belt One Road” countries, but also enables to lead the Chinese enterprises that plan to enter into to the global markets. The China market and governmental policies is getting open and open, that is an absolutely great opportunity and timing for foreign investors to start and develop their businesses within the market now.

Private equity Investment has been agreed and identified as an efficient and effective capital tool to help a market growth with its high-return investment outcome. To deal with the rapidly growth of China’s economy and the emerging countries with “One Belt One Road” policy in next 10 years, hundreds of Chinese and emerging companies in Asia will need more capitals to support their business growing needs. Obviously, a professional and global financial company as Bright Spot Capital/ Bright Spot Management Consultants (BSMC) can provide a series professional financial services and sufficient capital resources as well as professional management skills and experiences that will turn to be the most important core values and assets to all of the customers whom plan and ready to enter into the global markets family.

Team Advantages

Bright Spot Management Consultants Corp. was formed in at Belize in 2015 that is under the Bright Spot Capital group which was registry at Hong Kong in 2018. BSMC, its operational headquarter located in Hong Kong which is a worldwide and professional strategy consulting firm to provide various assets such as financial/investment, industrial expertise/experience, distribution connections/networks to help its customers on business development as well as strength up their capabilities on the products development, market expansion and financial structure improvement. Through the 4 years efforts, BSMC has successfully helped more than 10 well-known worldwide public companies to accomplish with the important milestones to the customers and earned great performances and supports by efficiently utilize various and effective financial resources and tools with sufficient industrial/business experiences such capital investment, M&A, JV and recapitalization.

Based on the concrete foundation and great performances that managed and accumulated by BSMC in 4 years as well as the great business timing is coming in Asia. BSMC decides to change its face from an advisory role to a real fund investor and manager, therefore, BSMC invites the senior and outstanding team members globally who have extensive owns awesome experiences and expertise in the different fields such on the Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Medicare, AI, New Materials/Semiconductor and Industrial 4.0 to form a solid and concrete fund manage team for providing more benefit and add-value to all of the customers and fund investors. After few years of hard work, we have created a management team with high class commercial achievements and cross-industry expertise which is able to provide premium financial services.

BSC/BSMC is not only playing a role to provide more professional services in finance and investment to its customers and investors, but also by creating an integrated and strategic platform as well as an interface to various industries for creating maximum values of synergies. Precisely, BSMC will aggressively act as a professional and global server to provide various capital services and products to satisfy what customers need and what shareholders want. The services are not only focus on the financial returns by investment and fund management, but also professional advisory and related services such M&A, IPO and Buyout business in ASIA. Besides, BSC/BSMC will aggressively grow its value-added platform to play as a bridge to provide services to foreign investors who are interested in approaching into China whether in investment or business development, at the same time, the same services to some of China business that intend to access into worldwide market for growth needs. BSC/BSMC will not only be a professional and profitable investment entity, but also a service platform to provide and integrate various resources and opportunities in helping different industries growth and enhancement in the next decade.