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Organizational Structure
Investment Committee

The Committee is a professional and technologically orientated organization that composed with total 11 members that included 7 permanent members and 4 non-permanent members. The 4 non-permanent and independent seats are invited by the BSMC, who are professional and experienced expertise based on different characters of potential investment cases discussion. The 7 permanent seats are composed of 5 seats that indicated by the BSMC from its senior management team, and the other 2 permanent seats will be invited from the senior advisory team. The tenure of permanent member is 2 years.

T.S.C. (Technology and Strategic Conference)

The regular meeting will be held 1-2 times a year that provides an interface for Fund and Management investors to assign related professional managers in their companies to see and discuss any possibilities on strategic and alliance, R&D, product development, technology sharing, new business creation and cooperation. The Conference will be based on advanced and professional prospective and by projects basis, which can provide all of people a platform to integrate and share mutual information to create more business opportunities to their own business.