Strategic Advisor Team
Mr. Pan Ruqun

Mr. Pan Ruqun is with more than 40 years professional working experiences in the IT and related industry.

During the first 10 years at the beginning, he focused on developing simulation systems for public institutions, and developed a series of controlling software that can enhance the security mechanism in streamlining processes.

These 10 years of rigorous training and development experience did helpfully build the critical foundations of EE up for Mr. Pan to connect with and approach into the sciences fields such IT and Display industry for his career development further.

In 1989, the Private Bank business development in Taiwan was just beginning on the way of booming. Meanwhile, Mr. Pan joined “First International Computer, Inc.”, to start his careers to work with Banking and Financial industries with his professional experiences and expertise on IT. Pan successfully earned the credits from customer son designing and building advanced IT systems for their business operations and managements as well as new CIS systems for the marketing development needs.

In 1992, Mr. Pan was assigned to be the Chief Representative of “First International Computer, Inc.”, located in Beijing ; meanwhile ,China opened its door to lure more foreign capitals and investors to China, as the result, many Taiwan’s electronics industries moved to Mainland China to enlarge its manufacturing bases and marketing as well.  Mr. Pan was lucky to get in the train of opportunity to start his more than 20 years career life in China period.

Mr. Pan led the team to formulate a diffuse market strategy, pioneering the business of binding of the motherboard and the main chip to be sold together; furthermore, he cooperated with the US company AMD to successfully make the brand of “First International Computer, Inc.” became the top brand in Mainland China. At the same time, many new IT technologies and management models from Taiwan had been led to Mainland China by Mr. Pan. Mr. Pan was not only in charge of educational training to successfully cultivate many outstanding salespeople and high-level managers, but also created outstanding and incredible performances with his revealed the highly keen and strong marketing strategy formulations.

In 1999, Pan joined Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. (MSI) as the General Manager of Greater China to help MSI China to optimize its business structures, formulate progressive marketing strategies and cooperate with major computer companies in Mainland China to enhance their brand-names in the marketing. What would be a great case to show how solid and concrete abilities of Mr. Pan owns was the Lenovo Group Ltd. MSI China team had spent many years and worked hard but got nothing. However, Mr. Pan led MSI team only spent 6 months to successfully become as one of Lenovo's best partners.

In 2003, Mr. Pan was admitted to the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing and honorably invited Professor Xu Yen Mei as his advise professor. Professor Xu has been engaged in teaching with full experiences, and especially focused on International corporate management, with more than 30 years of teaching and scientific research experience. Mr. Pan successfully completed his master's degree in 2007 and returned to Taiwan in 2008 after a series successful achievement.

In 2009, Mr. Pan was invited by TPV Group to be in the position of general manager of global supply chain in Wuhan Admiral Technology Co., Ltd. (AOC). He was assigned to European territories and Netherlands to assist TPV AOC and Philips to establish a global supply chain system.

In 2010, he also hold the post of the main negotiator for the M&A case for TPV AOC and Philips TV, had been conducting dozens of negotiations with the team in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and other places in Mainland China.

In April 2012, the joint venture and cooperation case between the two parties had been confirmed. During this period, he was assigned to take over as the General Manager of the AOC TV business unit. In 2012, he took over as general manager of the Philips TV Division. In 2014, he was re-designated as the executive director of China Great Wall Computer Co., Ltd.