Managing Director/Senior Partner
Mr. Wallace ChangManaging Director (China/Taiwan)
Mr. Chang has served the two outstanding appliance manufacturer companies worldwide, Haier Group and TCL Group for total sixteen years which already taken most of his professional working careers time as 20 years.  During this 16-year career life, Mr. Chang had experienced with and responsible of many departments and core industries for these two groups, such as Procurement, Laptops, Mobile Phone, TV, Information Research Institutions, Smart Homes, Home Appliance Department, Integrated Circuits, Innovation R & D and Investment.  Mr. Chang had successfully accumulated sufficient experiences in practical operations as well as concrete connections and networks within the fields such as Display, Home and Consumer Electrical Appliances, Smart Factories, high-tech fields and Supply-Chain Finance.  The expertise of Mr. Chang is especially on the various sectors such as Advanced Resource Search, Industrial Analysis, Company Strategic Planning, New business Development and Construction.

Mr. Chang used to participate in a number of important strategic projects and affairs for the critical reforming and developments to both of Haier and TCL which are the two top electrical appliance companies in China.  In addition, He successfully complete a number of milestones and incredible contributions as following:

1. Mr. Chang had successfully led the team that he was in charged to reform the business model, promote product innovation and the implementation of organizational transformation, which crested high-value profits and promoted more efficient capabilities in operation.

2. Mr. Chang brought several opportunities of strategic cooperation to Haier and TCL to work with worldwide R & D institutions and key component manufacturers in order to strengthen R & D units and supply chain management systems for both of two companies.

3. Mr. Chang participated in the many specific projects that regards the intelligent factory planning and the international bidding to establish an Internet factory, that can able to integrate many automation equipment, sensing modules, power infrastructures and multiple management systems in the factory. The objects successfully achieved full automatically and flexibly processing in production with visualization and self-optimizing system on predictive maintenance.

4. Mr. Chang was responsible for the formation and training of overseas innovation projects and advanced resource search teams, provide solutions and core technical resources for technical problems and product ideas raised by the group's core industry R & D units and product planning departments, and track the implementation of innovative technology resources.

In addition, Mr. Chang had also served as a consultant to the well-known scientific research organization “Institute for Information Industry (“III”)" in Taiwan. He was invited as a consultant for counseling III to promote the transformation of scientific research services.  Mr. Chang did not only deeply participate in and organize various academic exchange activities and seminars between R & D institutions, but also actively participated in exhibitions of various household appliances and consumer electronics to proceeding the scientific and technological inter-flow between Taiwan and China, but also brought cooperative opportunities of business for the companies in Taiwan and China.   

Mr. Chang passed the assessment of Taiwan Chung Hua University and participated in the Joint Guidance Program for the highly-selective universities within Taiwan and China.  Mr. Chang did join many learning/training programs on his educational and working careers that key guidance by many well-known scholars from the outstanding universities such Nanjing Southeast University, Shanghai Tongji University, and Suzhou University of Science and Technology.  Mr. Chang did not only publish a number of journal articles and books during his bachelor's and master's degrees, but also passed the qualified of Doctoral candidate from Taiwan Chung Hua University.  Mr. Chang also holds a US CPPM qualification certificate and is accredited by MOHRSS (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China).