Strategic Partner
PCL Transasia Law Offices/ LSIA Investment

PCL TransAsia Law Offices are established by Peggy Lin, Attorney-at-law, in July 1999. Peggy Lin has long practiced in international law firms, and she is dedicated to provide the service with “quality, efficiency and creativity” for the clients. The various kinds of services provided include domestic and international capital market, merger and acquisition, financial consulting, BOT projects, kinds of major government procurement projects and construction projects. PCL has served as the legal counsel for domestic and international developers, project companies, domestic and international accommodators, private equity, contractors and government agencies. Our clientele consists of those from banks, trusts, logistics, energy, transportation, public utility, civil engineering, construction, electronic mechanical engineering, fiber optic cable communications,and electronic engineering.


On November 9, 2000, PCL formed the strategic alliance with TransAsia International Corporation, led by Dr. Jonathan Chen. Dr. Chen holds a doctorate degree in construction management and a master degree in law, and the alliance between the two puts together the professionals in civil engineering, electronic mechanical engineering, finances and law as a strong construction management team, providing the one stop inquiry service which covers pre-solicitation, tender procedure, execution and cost claims. PCL has dealt with more than 500 cases in construction disputes and project construction management (PCM), and prized itself as one of the very few firms in Taiwan which combines the professionals in law and construction.

After ten years of steady expansion, PCL has become one of the most reputable firms, taking a lead in various areas. In the recent years, with our clients expanding their business greatly and into different fields, and with the trend of the more relaxed policy regarding Taiwan and China, PCL strategically allies itself with the firms in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and the United States to provide services in every aspect to our clients.


As your encouragement and expectation, PCL, with its experience in capital market, merger and acquisition, and distinguished track records in commercial arbitration and construction disputes, we have become highly reliable and trustworthy to our clients. PCL is going to expand and grow into full bloom with all the participants under the more tightly cooperation in economics between Taiwan and China and the trend of globalization and the ultimate integration of regionalization.