Strategic Advisor Team
Mr. Ben Yang

Mr. Yang was born 1961 in Taipei.

He was a bachelor of engineering from the Department of Mechanical engineering of National Taiwan University and was conferred Master of Science degree in Aerospace and mechanical engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo), Buffalo New York, USA in 1988.

Despite his engineering background, he also possess extensive experience in marketing, sales channel and international trading, familiar with the administration, personnel, tax and legal issues related to setting up companies in Taiwan.

Career record

Teaching Assistant, SUNY Buffalo, US, 1986

Field engineer, Picvue Electronics, Hsinchu, Taiwan, 1988

Swire Trading division, industrial and consumer products including Volvo cars retail, 1989-1992

International Business Consultant, 1992-now, major achievements are

-      Introduction of heavy machinery for major infrastructure project, 1993

-      Introduction of Nordic timber into new markets of China and Vietnam, 1995

-      Setting up support for Photo Mask Laser writing equipment company in Taiwan, 1998

-      Successfully install the highest vertical vacuum chutes for garbage collection, 2000

-      Successful settlement for EOT claim through law suit and negotiation, 2005

-      Industrial Cooperation Program (ICP) management for major railway project, 2005

-      Mediation for Public Construction project and successfully release of guarantee bonds, 2006

-      Lead the research team for cooperation with 6 Taiwanese universities for high tech projects, 2008

-      Introduction of advanced sustainable energy technology into Taiwan, 2016

-      Introduction of Multinational company for its first distribution centre in Asia, Kaohsiung 2016

-      Since 1999, represent major brands of PCB processing equipment in China

-      Introduction of rubber machinery, motors and pumps into Europe and India, since 2010

-      Trading of casting products made in India to China and Taiwan, since 2017