Strategic Advisor Team
Mr. Eason Chuang

Eason possesses over twenty years of experience in the investment industry, and is an expert in all kinds of financial instruments such as securities, futures, options, CBs, bonds and other derivatives. Since 2008, Eason has been working with individual and institutional investors on developing customized investment strategies for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai equity markets. Prior to that, Eason worked as a research analyst and manager at Fubon Financial Holdings and Da Tong Securities Investment Consultant.

Eason earned a Bachelor degree in Physics at Chung Yuan University, and a Master degree in Management and Economics at Nation Cheng Kung University. Having both science and management knowledges, Eason covered several industries successively, like semiconductor, optoelectronics and textile industry, and also followed global economics on a daily basis. During 2001-2008, Eason served as various roles at Da Tong Securities Investment Consultant. He was responsible of developing investment strategies for all sectors, and leading the whole research team to maximize investment performance.

After years of practices, Eason has built up his strengths in investment in three different perspectives:

1.      Order oriented investment strategy

By constantly and regularly visiting leaders in the industries and updating the latest trends and orders, we always get the chance to find out the investment targets with best potential upside before other market participants. This is the most critical step of fundamental research.

2.      Sense in numbers

Financial numbers can reflect the fact of a company. By completing comprehensive study of financial statements, we can make sure if a company’s operation is aligned with the latest trend of the industry,  and also avoid companies facing financial difficulties.

3.      Multi-dimensional trading skill

Beside fundamental research, there are still ways to improve investment performance, such as technical analysis, position management and risk management. Specializing in more than one way can not only improve our invest performance but also lower the risk we take.