Strategic Advisor Team
Mr. Jefferson Huang

Jefferson HUANG is the CEO of EAGLE INVESTMENT GROUP (Beijing)、Had been the director andgeneral manager of EVERSPRING INDUSTRIES Ltd (Taiwan) 、Executive director and CEO of GLOBAL FLEX HOLGINGS Ltd (Hong Kong)、President of GIGA VENTURE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Ltd (TAIWAN)、Vice president of HOTUNG VENTURE CAPTIAL GROUP (Taiwan) and EVERGREEN MARIN GROUP.

Jefferson was born in Taiwan 1958. Graduated from National Taiwan University with master in International Business MBA. With more than 20 years experience in senior management roles and more than 10 years experience working in venture capital in Taiwan, Singapore and the US, Also served as president and general manager in several listed companies in countries mentioned above.

Jefferson used to run my own or management venture capital, investing more than one hundred companies in varies industries, from materials. electronics, semi-conductors, communications, machine equipment , chemical, biotech and medicine, medical equipment, smart home system and security devises and so on. I was directly participated and help three companies success in initial public offering preparation in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Jefferson was abundant successful hands on experience on assisting companies become listed as well as start-ups. And familiar with operational strategy planning and M&A.

Currently Jefferson was the CEO of Eagle Investment Group which provides consultation services for business consultant for Taiwan, China and Korea companies that try to be listed in Australia or Hong Kong.  also provides consultation on share restructuring, management strategy, operational management, financing and assets management, bringing profit and valuable service to corporations and stockholders.