Managing Director/Senior Partner
Ms. Nancy WangManaging Director (China/Taiwan)

Have the ability to strategically plan and execute supply chain management and operations due to 25 years of work experience in Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics business fields. 

Have the ability to manage over thousands of suppliers and more than 400 categories of products with yearly purchasing amount of over 30 billion RMB due to acting as a Haier group supply chain General Manager. Achieve yearly target of 20%~50% cost saving. 

Have successfully reformed from then current buying structure upgraded to become today s strategic supply chain infrastructure. Meanwhile to educate more than 200 buyers to bring them up to become today s professional supply chain managers. 

Have world-wide business visions and strategic decision-making capacity. 

Have the capability to rapidly adapt to new business territories and integrate industry resources. 

Have the ability to maintain a professional work attitude and an excellent work ethic. 

Have good relations and connections in the business fields. 

Have a positive attitude to advocate innovations in products 
business models and infrastructure. 

Have good communication skills and teamwork to focus attention 
on strategic human resource management. 



Company: Qingdao Refrigerator Factory     Period: 1989~1993

Position: Import Business Director


In charge of Haier Group international trading import businesses and joint venture projects with foreign companies 


To build up Haier international trading business platforms and trading business processes and procedures

To manage joint ventures projects businesses 


Company: Haier International Trading Limited

Period: 1993~1999

Position: Import Business Executive


In charge of Haier Group bulk materials and strategic materials imported procurement and joint venture projects with foreign companies 



In charge of the business negotiation contract management project management and equipment bidding processes and procedures 

to deepen trade relations with foreign business partners and cooperation mechanisms 

to involve in the establishment of Hong Kong as a center of foreign trading and long-term business management.


Company: Haier Logistic Limited

Period: 1999~2006

Position: Executive of Strategic Procurement Center


Reengineering on procurement business processes and procedures 

To implement Haier globalization centralized procurement


To establish Haier globalization centralized procurement business platform and strategic bulk materials and key components operation system 

Such reform to reengineer Haier Group strategic procurement business model and globalization centralized procurement 

Having Haier Group to enhance the procurement process and 
procedures at least 50% efficiency and 60% cost saving during 1999~2006. 


Company: Haier Procurement Value Added Div.

period: 2006~2010

Position: Haier Group Procurement Executive  


Haier Global Strategic Procurement Reform and Reengineering To build up the Supply Chain Core competence



Lead to reform and re-engineer Haier Group Procurement to become a world-wide vision and profession capabilities in supply chain value added system. 

With more than 200 profession supply chain team to manage Haier Group yearly over 30 billion purchasing amount 400 commodities categories. 

Having implementation of the strategic alliance supplier relationship management to become over thousands of Haier supply chain system partners 

To create a symbolic win-win situation in order to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises 

Through re-engineering each character to the organization the brand new supply chain organization has become the industrial value added engine brought to the new Haier new value of Today. 


Company: Haier DPG Group

Period: 2010~2012

Position: Strategic and Supply Chain Executive of the  Haier Digital Person Group


In charge of strategy execution of Haier Group Planning on Haier Group business development 

DPG new business model innovation ---integration to the internet industry.


To establish strategy implementation structure to the DPG Group 

To promote the DPG group organization and process 
integration Planning the Business Blueprint for Haier Electronic 
Information and Communication ICT industry. 

To promote and involve many corporation projects in related to 
internet and ICT business fields. I.e. in year 2011 alliance with 
Alibaba to co-develop Ali-cloud smart phone 

In 2012 business co-up with 360 to co-develop the 360 Haier 
smart phone that was very proud of at the then current time. 

To implement the product design based upon the end users that 
were very successful demonstrations in product innovations which was also brought Haier to the internet business field. 

In 2013 began to involve with U-Home business internal Haier Group which is the smart home project planning.


Company: Haier 690 Group

Period: 2012 ~ 2014

Position: Supply Chain Executive


Implementation of asset-light strategy transformation Haier TV business overall outsourcing



Main focus on Strategic resources integration and supply Chain Management after Haier TV business overall outsourcing 

Re-construct new business cooperation with industrial value chain For example to resolve problems like over stock and conflicts among internal chain reactions. 

To deal with the impacts between virtual net businesses and traditional TV and other channel businesses 

I am working on the cross-border industrial ecosystem with a wide range of industries and the investment community to explore new business models in order to reform the traditional TV business supply chain. 


Company: Haier Medical and Laboratory Products CO. limited invested in by The Carlyle Group

Period: 2015 ~ 12/31/2017

Position: Procurement and supply chain director 


Purchasing of medical supplies and establishing the business platform for the supply chain 

Establishing the resource ecosphere for cryogenic medical supplies 

Participating in the merging and acquisition process 

Responsible for the operation of the full value chain of the 


All aspects of the operation of the company has been raised by more than 30% 

The Ebit of the company has been raised by more than 10% 

Established an efficient operation to purchase products and the 
supply chain

Promoted the unification and innovation of the traditional medical equipment business of the company and the Internet




Professional Knowledge and Skills:

- International Trading Procurement Management Supply Chain Relation Management Supply Chain Operation Business Processes and Procedures Structure Organization and HR Management Resources Integration



Awards and Prizes in Haier Groups



The Guanghua School of Management at Peking University - class of EMBA523 2008

University of International Business and Economics - MBA

international trade practice - class of 2005

Qingdao University - industry foreign trade - class of 1986