Founder/Senior Partners
Mr. James WangFounder/Senior Partner

Mr. Wang owns abundant experiences and connections as well as the outstanding track records of investment in the fields of industrial financial services and strategic investments worldwide in his 25 years financial careers. Mr. Wang had worked for several outstanding global financial companies while he was in US for fifteen years. For instance, Dreyfus Appreciation Fund Company as a Financial/Economic analyst, Bank Boston Capital as an investment Manager as well as GE Capital Services as a Vice President and the Delta Investment Group as a managing director.  Mr Wang had experienced and managed with the pool of assets from the portfolio companies which total values exceeds US$ 4 billions. The characters of the portfolio companies  includes IT, Media, Semiconductor, Healthcare/Medicares, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Energy/Power, Aviation, Insurance, Banking, logistics and Consumer Goods.

Mr. Wang physically headed back to Asia and started his personal career developing within the areas in the year of 1999.  He used to worked as a CEO for both of Swisscom and Capital Spirits Investment companies, meanwhile, he had participated in the several projects in Asia such as Korea First Bank Restructuring project and the Koei Reinsurance Company in Japan.

Successful fusion of the speciality of Western and Asian Cultures with concrete financial expertise globally has been unique advantages for Mr. Wang to approach into and develop with the emerging market within Asian countries.  As the result, Mr. Wang was invited as a coordinator and representative on the foreign capital investment side to join the first national venture capital company of China,  Shanghai New Margin, in the privatization project by CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) and SAIL (Shanghai Alliance Investment Ltd.) in the year of 2001.  The year of 2002 after the New Margin project been successfully done, Mr. Wang officially got into the China market.  Mr. Wang does not only have concrete and trusted credibility in China but also in Western world too. The year of 2002, Albert Arnold Gore, the Ex-Vice President of United States led a group to visit in China and participate in the China/USA Economic Conference and the third Asian City Information Technology Forum held in Beijing, honorably, Mr. Wang was invited as one of the members of the group of US and is only one Chinese on the list.  Mr. Wang played one of the successful roles and bridges of communication for both sides on the economic and business topics as well as business opportunities to the entrepreneurs.

Mr. Wang had been fully and completely involving and contributing his energies and time as well as global financial and industrial integration /development experiences which were insufficient and weak parts to China for its economic growth and industrial enhancement as an advisory role to help the associated departments with economy, business and finances of the Chinese central government and local ones such as NDARC ( National Development and Reform Commission).  In the year of 2005, Mr. Wang was invited as an Executive President for the The China Western Investment Holding company that is a subsidiary by The State Council of Peoples Republic of China to help and achieve the National Western Development goals that targeted on the electrical powers, natural energies ( natural gas and crude oil) and infrastructures of transmission.  Meanwhile, Mr Wang was also invited by the China government to participate in the preparatory group toward the China Western Development Bank set-up project.

Mr. Wang does not only successfully experience and hand-on the first venture capital privatization, Shanghai New Margin, in China but also several national and private enterprises’ projects and cases in China, for instance, Ningxia Chemical Industry Base, Xinjiang Natural Gas/ Crude oil production and Western to Eastern natural gas transmission, JA Solar and Shenzhen Airline privatization.  Recently, Mr. Wang has been aggressively partaking of the One Belt One Road plan that held by China as well as the AIIB, Asia Infrastructures Investment Bank, activities and projects.

Mr. Wang does not only focus on the China market but also worldwide.  His considerations and visions are wide and deep for the models of business cooperation across different countries.  Mr. Wang does not only  think to help the Chinese industries development and enhance their producing and management qualities but also seriously consider how to bring the global enterprises that own unique technologies, competitive products/goods, advantaged management systems and international marketing/sales distributions into the China and Asian emerging markets as a multiple models and interfaces of cooperation to provide necessary services and resources to the companies in order to integrate various resources together and tightly link up the industrial supply-demand chains worldwide.  The philosophy of business for Mr. Wang is that efficiently/effectively integrate and utilize resources and networks as well as complementation to create a win-win-win model of cooperation for all of enterprises worldwide.

Mr. Wang was born in the year of 1962 and earned his bachelor diploma of business from University of Kansas in 1985.  Mr Wang also owns the qualifications for both of CPA and CFP.